Evaporative Cooler Repair

A comfortable home means the air quality is clean and the temperature is comfortable.

Evaporative coolers – also known as swamp coolers – are a popular and effective way to cool homes in dry climates like Colorado. Evaporative coolers are different from air conditioners. Rather than use a refrigerant to cool air, evaporative coolers essentially cool air through the evaporation of water. In dry climates, evaporative coolers provide an additional benefit of adding moisture to the processed air acting as a built in humidifier.

Another form of evaporative cooling is indirect evaporative cooling. In this case, water is evaporated on one side of a high efficiency heat exchanger, which cools the air on the other side of the heat exchanger. Spec Air is one of the commercial leaders in this concept, while Coolerado is the leader in residential indirect evaporative coolers. The benefit of indirect evaporative cooling is the fact that 0 grains of moisture are added to the air being delivered to the building.

Quick, Affordable Repairs

Timberline Mechanical offers full-service evaporative cooler repair in residential and commercial, buildings across the Colorado Front Range. Our highly trained technicians not only fix problems with a simple swap of parts, but also troubleshoot the root cause of the problem. Often this deep-analysis approach uncovers repairs in the system that can be fixed more affordable and prevent future breaks or emergencies.

While some repairs are simple fixes, our ultimate goal is to have your home air system back up and running as quickly and affordably as possible.

Cooler Maintenance and Rebates

Timberline Mechanical also offers preventative maintenance, and helps customers who choose to invest in energy-saving equipment receive rebates and tax credits.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

At Timberline the customer always comes first. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and our long-term customer loyalty exemplifies that we meet that goal.

Why Choose Timberline?

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Quality equipment
  • 250 years combined HVAC experience
  • Locally owned
  • High-level strategic thinking
  • Has received more commercial Boulder Energy Smart rebates than any other participating HVAC company

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