Special Projects

Commercial HVAC Special Projects:

Timberline Mechanical’s Boulder HVAC Special Projects team wants your commercial HVAC systems seamless, functional and cost effective. Our highly trained engineers and technicians focus on new installations, retrofitting existing systems, tenant finishes, and replacements of HVAC equipment. By employing our depth of knowledge in the HVAC industry, our engineers analyze your facility, heating and cooling needs, and budget to create a custom, smart solution that maximizes the sustainability and performance of your HVAC system. Our Special Projects team is committed to delivering solutions that ensure facility comfort and lasting equipment.

Examples of Commercial Special Projects Work

  • We replaced an inefficient 80-ton chiller at Boulder Medical Center with high efficiency 80-ton screw chiller that reduced the electrical energy consumption by more than 20 percent.
  • At Particle Measuring Systems, we decommissioned a clean room and converted it to standard laboratory operation. The modifications resulted in a payback of less than two years. The project valuation was $55,000.
  • At Avery Brewing Company, we performed a steam system analysis and determined the root cause. We replaced the boiler system, control valves and a few steam traps, resulting in a substantial increase in production without having to modify the brewery equipment.
  • At the Exeter building in Boulder, we replace three 100-ton Mammoth packaged roof top units with new Aaon packaged roof top units. We also implemented a forward thinking, high efficiency control strategy to reduce the electrical consumption. In the first 10 months of operation we reduced the building electrical consumption by over $30,000.


Quality HVAC is Also in the Equipment

A peak-performing HVAC system requires quality equipment.  We take special care to choose high quality components that optimize the efficiency of the system and the life-cycle cost of your heating/cooling system. Together quality equipment and quality installation results in top-performing commercial HVAC/HVACR systems.

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