Industrial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Timberline Mechanical offers intelligent solutions for Boulder, CO industrial HVAC through high-caliber preventative maintenance options.

Preventative maintenance is custom built. From full-service maintenance services, to recommendations and a joint provision with your existing service staff, we make it work for you.

How Does Preventive Maintenance Service Work?

Our industrial HVAC preventative maintenance services are task- and time-based routine procedures that are tried and proven to extend the life span of your equipment. We use an onsite logbook that customers can turn to for services rendered or upcoming services. The logbook aids in troubleshooting problems and leaves a detailed history of the performance of your equipment. A few common examples of our preventive maintenance tools may include:

  • Vibration analysis, which reduces operational costs by reducing energy consumption and lengthening the life of the entire fan section
  • 24/7 monitoring by Virtjoule is another valuable tool to predict failure
  • Trend logs give technicians tools to determine when the performance of equipment components is decreasing to alert a deeper look into the issue.
  • Refrigerant oil analysis gives our team of professionals a look into the wear and tear and condition of the refrigeration compressor. This enables us to strategically plan and execute repairs before a catastrophic failure occurs.


Preventative maintenance tasking goes beyond preventative care, designed to diagnose problems before they become major issues. Predictive tasking is embedded in a majority of our Boulder HVAC preventative tasking and keeps your industrial operations running smoothly. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that their systems are being cared for and fixed without bothersome issues and breaks. Preventive repairs and services dramatically reduce the life-cycle costs of your equipment.

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