Commercial Chiller Repair

In Boulder, Westminster, Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, and all around the Front Range, Colorado’s hot summers can make it challenging for your business to maintain a comfortably cool temperature for employees and customers.

Whether you have a water-cooled or air-cooled system, our commercial chiller repair services ensure your equipment continues functioning at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Two Decades of Experience in Commercial Chiller Repair

Comfort cooling is a complex, two-step process. That means there are several points at which issues can arise.

Our commercial chiller repair technicians have the skills and experience to accurately identify and correctly address problems with all chiller components. As a company, we’ve been a leader in commercial chiller repair in Colorado for more than 20 years.

Expertise in All Major Commercial Chillers

Commercial chiller systems continually evolve. That’s why we augment our extensive expertise in all types and brands of commercial chillers with ongoing education and industry immersion.

We work on systems from all the leading chiller providers, including Trane, Carrier, Daikin, and York, as well as cooling towers from Marley, Evapco, Baltimore Aircoil, SPX Cooling Technologies and others. But our depth of knowledge in commercial chiller repair means we can also diagnose and repair systems from any provider. That includes activities such as:

  • Punching tubes
  • Performing leak checks
  • Conducting operational assessments
  • Reviewing data logs
  • Repairing existing equipment
  • Installing replacement parts and components

Oil Analysis: Essential to Commercial Chiller Repairs

The health of the oil in a compressor is vital to proper commercial chiller functioning. Oil composition can be compromised for many reasons, from problems with the original provider’s installation and hook-up to operational issues that develop over time.


Our technicians evaluate compressor oil makeup in collaboration with a professional laboratory and propose remediation if the amounts of substances like iron, aluminum, copper, or tin are outside of recommended operating limits.

We also check the moisture content and PH in compressor oil. Determining that there is water in the oil or if the oil is acidic and taking steps like implementing core instillation with desiccants or acid neutralizer can prevent expensive compressor damage.

Contact Timberline Mechanical About Commercial Chiller Repair Services

If you suspect a problem with your commercial chiller—or simply want to ensure problems don’t arise—it’s important to have your system inspected and repaired or serviced as needed.

Contact Timberline Mechanical today at 303-258-3589,, or with our online form to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.


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