Commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

An increasing number of companies today opt to install commercial variable refrigerant (VFR) systems to cool and heat their facilities. HVAC solutions from providers like Mitsubishi, Daikin, Hitachi, Carrier, LG, Panasonic, York, and others have outdoor units that are connected to indoor units with refrigerant piping. This system architecture provides more granular temperature control in the zones throughout a building.

A Recognized VRF Authority in Colorado

While VRF systems are proven effective, they are a newer development in the commercial HVAC industry. Consequently, not all HVAC companies have experience with them. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in installing, commissioning, maintaining, and repairing VRF equipment to ensure it runs reliably and efficiently.

Companies in Boulder, Westminster, Fort Collins, Louisville, Longmont, and other Front Range locations look to Timberline Mechanical for our expertise in these advanced HVAC systems.

Experience With All VRF System Components

There are many advantages to VRF heating and cooling systems. However, it takes proper functioning and integration of many components to achieve those benefits.

Timberline technicians are trained to optimize VRF system performance and diagnose and remedy operational problems. They have in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of VRF components and subsystems, including:

  • Standard and high-efficiency outdoor units
  • Indoor units (wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, multi position air handlers, etc.)
  • Ventilation systems
  • Compressors
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Centralized and system interfaces
  • Branch boxes

Whether you’re considering switching to VRF or need assistance with maintaining, repairing, or expanding an existing system, we can perform the work on time and within budget.

Learn About Timberline’s VRF Services

Our knowledgeable HVAC technicians have the skill and experience to get VRF systems operational and keep them running at peak efficiency.

Contact Timberline Mechanical today at 303-258-3589,, or with our online form to learn more about our VRF services or schedule an appointment.


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