Boulder Industrial HVAC

HVAC equipment is an important investment that’s central to the success of many business operations.

At Timberline Mechanical we understand that. As your Boulder Industrial HVAC provider, we take the position of being your business partner – making it our responsibility to provide exceptional equipment, timely service, and excellent customer service to your heating and cooling needs.

Our forward-thinking philosophy is rooted in taking a high-level approach to your HVAC needs. Instead of looking at parts of an HVAC system, or individual rooms, we look at the entire building and it’s unique needs. Then, our trusted engineers assess both your business objectives and building configurations to creative innovative custom HVAC design solutions. We call this process: smart solutions.

Proven Results for Your Business

As a result of putting intelligent designs into our HVAC plans, our HVAC designs drive results. Not only is a Timberline Mechanical HVAC solution top performing, it’s also energy saving, reliable and can solve even the most complicated HVAC industrial situations. This is important to our customers — hospitals, breweries, commercial housing and manufacturing facilities – all who have drastically different heating/cooling requirements.

But our service doesn’t stop at the design of top-notch HVAC systems. At Timberline Mechanical we are loyal to our customers. We offer a two-hour response time guarantee to every preventive maintenance contract customers, and unparalleled task-based servicing.


Why Choose Timberline?

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Quality equipment
  • 250 years combined HVAC experience
  • Locally owned
  • High-level strategic thinking
  • Has received more commercial Boulder Energy Smart rebates than any other participating HVAC company

Use our contact us page to send an email. Please allow 10 business days to receive a response from an email. For immediate questions, please call.


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