Boulder Air Conditioning Services

The next best thing to Colorado’s warm summers, is a comfortably air-conditioned home to retreat to and enjoy them from. Air conditioners are a privilege to own, and considered a major home appliance.

Similar to your furnace or other HVAC investments, air conditioning units require proper servicing and maintenance to help prolong the life of your equipment.

Timberline Mechanical offers comprehensive Boulder Air Conditioning Services. Whether you own a residential building or commercial property, our highly trained staff is efficient at repairing, upgrading or servicing your AC units, in order to keep the temperature and comfort of your home intact all summer long.


Proven, Consistent Service

Our servicing technique is task-based and proven. This means we have a consistent checklist of things to verify, report, and look into. For example, we check refrigerant charges, and clean coil condensers, all while taking quantified notes in the process.

By using a consistent checklist of analysis we are able to service your equipment fully and effectively to minimize time spent on service. Additionally, this helps our technicians correctly identify problems or issues in equipment before they cause severe damage – resulting in economical fixes rather than huge new investments in equipment or parts.

Why Choose Timberline?

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Quality equipment
  • 250 years combined HVAC experience
  • Locally owned
  • High-level strategic thinking
  • Has received more commercial Boulder Energy Smart rebates than any other participating HVAC company

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

All major credit cards accepted.

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