Industrial Chiller Repair

Maintaining the appropriate temperature for industrial processes is essential. Cooling that is inadequate, intermittent, or otherwise inappropriate for the operation can compromise the results, cause missed deadlines, and adversely affect revenue. That’s true in a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to many other types of manufacturing to beverage brewing.

Companies in Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Superior, Fort Collins, and around the Colorado Front Range turn to Timberline Mechanical for expert industrial chiller repair.

Extensive Experience in Industrial Chiller Repair

Achieving and maintaining optimal performance in an industrial chiller is no simple task. It takes tremendous skill but also deep industry knowledge.

Our technicians are well-versed in all aspects of industrial chiller repair and maintenance. That includes services like:

  • Performing comprehensive leak checks
  • Conducting functional assessments
  • Punching tubes
  • Capturing data and reviewing logs
  • Repairing existing components
  • Installing and testing new parts
  • Ensuring stable industrial chiller operations

We also assess compressor oil composition—a critical component of proper industrial chiller functioning. In collaboration with a professional laboratory, we determine if the oil is tainted by iron, aluminum, copper, tin, water, acid or other substances that can degrade performance and damage the unit. Then, we develop and implement a plan for mitigating the problem.

Expertise With the Full Spectrum of Industrial Chiller Equipment

For more than 20 years, we’ve been a Front Range leader in repairing systems from leading chiller providers, including Daikin,Trane, Legacy, Rite Temp, Mydax, Pro Refrigeration, York, and Carrier. We also service cooling towers from Evapco, Baltimore Aircoil, SPX Cooling Technologies, and Marley. But our knowledge and experience enables us to diagnose and repair equipment from virtually any provider.

Contact Timberline Mechanical for Expert Industrial Chiller Repair Services

When an industrial chiller is malfunctioning, there’s no time to waste. Getting prompt attention from one of our expert technicians can prevent costly downtime.

If your industrial chiller has failed or is behaving oddly, contact Timberline Mechanical today at 303-258-3589, or with our online form to schedule an appointment.

Even if you aren’t currently experiencing problems, it’s a good idea to connect with us to learn about your services so you know who to call for a prompt response when “time is of the essence.” Let’s talk about your business and how properly maintained industrial chillers can keep your operations flowing smoothly.


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