The Leading Colorado HVAC Services Provider

Timberline Mechanical is the leading provider of commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning , and refrigeration (HVAC / HVACR) services in Boulder and throughout the Colorado Front Range.

Timberline is recognized for its intelligent, sustainable solutions that keep HVAC equipment running efficiently and at peak performance. Whether it is addressing a customer’s specific service need, developing a custom preventive maintenance program or providing creative solutions for special project work, Timberline offers HVAC systems that ensure your equipment is running smoothly. Timberline services all makes and models of equipment.

The fully certified, extensively trained Boulder HVAC professionals at Timberline Mechanical have over 200 years of combined service experience. With that kind of knowledge at our disposal, we can handle any air conditioning or heating service you may need. We are proud to do whatever we can to make your commercial ventures a success.

At Timberline, we see ourselves as partners in our customers’ success. The success of customers is an indication of our success as a Boulder HVAC service provider and throughout the Colorado Front Range.

We are committed to providing HVAC solutions that allow our customers to focus on their business while we focus on efficient, reliable systems that reduce operating costs and create comfortable, productive working environments.

"We have not had any downtime due to HVAC issues since Timberline took over. We’re going to stay with them."
— Newton Logan, VP of Operations and Finance, Zolo Technologies, Inc.

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