Industries Served

HVACR Solutions by Industries Served

Timberline Mechanical provides expert HVACR service, preventive maintenance and special projects support to a wide range of commercial and industrial customers in Colorado. We help our customers reduce costs, prevent disruption in service delivery and achieve their sustainability objectives. Here are some of the industries we serve:

Commercial Building Owners and Property Managers rely heavily on HVACR professionals to provide a comfortable environment for their tenants while reducing energy and operational costs.

Industrial / Manufacturing Facilities require a HVACR company that can strategically provide reliable, efficient operating equipment. Timberline’s intelligent approach to preventive maintenance, guarantee of a two-hour response and 24/7/365 emergency service gives facility managers a partner they can rely on.

Data Centers require an HVAC company that understands the necessity of zero downtime and the quick response of knowledgeable technicians. Timberline’s intelligent approach to preventive maintenance and quick response to service requests gives our IT-based customers peace of mind.

Healthcare Facilities rely on HVACR professionals to provide a safe, comfortable environment for their employees and patients. Patient well-being frequently depends on the proper performance of a healthcare facility’s HVACR equipment. Our strategic approach to preventive maintenance ensures that the equipment will be operating at peak performance consistently at all times.

Educational Institutions must provide for the comfort, reliability of their HVAC system and safety of their students, faculty and staff. Our attention to detail in preventive maintenance programs and our timely response on HVAC service gives our education customers a team they can count on to keep their institutions operating at peak efficiency and sustainability.

Retail Businesses want their customers to feel comfortable and relaxed. Timberline’s industry-leading preventive maintenance program and timely service contribute to a welcoming retail environment.


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