AC Installation

Home comfort is a result of reliable, balanced heating and cooling systems.

An air conditioner is a major home appliance that is used to alter the temperature and humidity of a building through a process in which refrigeration is used to transfer unwanted heat from the conditioned space to the outdoors.

Timberline Mechanical offers AC installation in all residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the Colorado Front Range. Our commitment to service is exemplified by our tactical approach with each customer. We examine facility needs and budgets to deliver custom air conditioning systems that work. In some cases this means an intelligent new design that uses innovative practices and technologies, in other cases this means a simple smart approach to keeping a home cool and comfortable.

Timberline Mechanical’s philosophy is to create intelligent solutions for your home air systems. We take a high-level approach to your cooling needs and assess how each component in your system comes together to affect the whole system. In this way, we can offer thoughtful suggestions to improve the system as a whole with hopes of increasing system performance and decreasing energy bills.

AC Maintenance and Rebates

Timberline Mechanical also offers preventative maintenance. Customers who choose to invest in energy-saving equipment also receive advice in how to apply for Boulder-based energy rebates and tax credits.


Our Customer Service Philosophy

At Timberline the customer always comes first. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and our long-term customer loyalty exemplifies that we meet that goal.

Why Choose Timberline?

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Quality equipment
  • 250 years combined HVAC experience
  • Locally owned
  • High-level strategic thinking
  • Has received more commercial Boulder Energy Smart rebates than any other participating HVAC company

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

All major credit cards accepted.

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