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Timberline Mechanical introduces customer web-based HVAC service portal

May 1, 2015 by John Kuepper, Member

Timberline Mechanical Systems, the Boulder HVAC experts are proud to announce our newest advancement in an effort to keep up with an ever-growing market, and high demand for technology.

Wennsoft has developed and launched a new web based platform that we host for clients to have all their information at a click of a button. And it all begins with you.

Customer Connect is a free. Simple enough, no strings attached. It makes our job easier and more efficient, while greatly improving the overall quality of communication that takes place. View the video tutorial to walk you through all the steps to get you connected with us and started on the website, but for now I want to cover what this all means and why it may prove of great benefit for you.

There are 4 major areas included:

The overview consists of pie charts and grafts displaying all the information of each area, but in one quick and concise viewing manor.

The locations tab displays all of your buildings in their entirety. So for all you commercial clients, business and building managers out there! Your life just got a lot easier. You can browse between everything that you oversee, and view all of the activity happening, for each address.

The service calls tab lets you view all of the quoted, open, and all calls that have been placed. All dating back to 2008 when we began using Wennsoft. Oh, and did I mention that you can place a new service call on your specific location through your own account, and view its status update in real time?

And finally the Maintenance contracts tab allows you to see you current contract, the ability to note all of your equipment, tasking, and even your billing schedule. Essentially making our PM books a thing of the past.

To sum up, we are taking all measures to remain relevant in a technology driven world even in the HVAC business, and hope that this new tool will be one more way that we can serve you effectively with Intelligent Solutions.


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