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Boulder HVAC – Controls Project

May 1, 2015 by John Kuepper, Member

In November of 2014, one of our clients contacted one of our Sales Engineers to discuss a potential installation of a new boiler to deal with insufficient heat during cold spells. “If your proposal is kept under $15,000 you’ll have our agreement and the HOA is already on board.” – said the client. But we weren’t fully convinced that this would solve the problem.

So we decided it would be wise to send out a Sales Engineer to further evaluate and diagnose the situation, and the client agreed. Upon a further systematic approach, it became aware that the issue was not due to the boiler capacity, but the boiler control. Sales proposed that we go with a DDC (direct digital control) system. The DDC system would stage up to 3 existing boilers according to an outdoor air reset schedule. This would also stage 2 pumps on and off based upon the outdoor ambient temperature.

This solution not only solved the heating problem, but also dramatically saved energy by implementing boiler reset. And in return, Timberline was able to cut the original cost from $15,000 to $6,000. Not only saving them thousands in replacement costs, but also conserving valuable energy by running their existing pumps and boilers in a much more efficient way. Saving the customer more money in the here and now, as well as in the future. It’s a lot like professional runners. All of the best athletes pace themselves and jog without quickly growing weary. Rather than sprinting themselves and having to stop over and over to gasp for air. Intelligent Solutions.

Contact Timberline Mechanical, the Boulder HVAC specialists today to see if there is a way to improve your system control through the addition of DDC controls!

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