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HVAC Controls Retrofit Delivers Energy Savings and Advanced Open System

December 20, 2017, Timberline

Trusting that an HVAC company will continue to support the proprietary solution they installed for you is a decision that can come back to haunt you, as one condominium community in Boulder, Colorado found…

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How to Select an HVAC Maintenance Contract

November 29, 2017, Timberline

As any business owner will tell you, a problem with your commercial HVAC system can be every bit as disruptive as a problem with your computer network. Proper heating and cooling are essential to…

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Crescent Property Management Replaces Obsolete System with State-of-the-Art Solution

October 25, 2017, Timberline

Crescent Real Estate is a real estate operating company with a portfolio that includes 7,450 units of multifamily properties, millions of square feet of office space, and The Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas. When…

An Intro to VRF: Intelligent Heating and Cooling through Energy Transfer

September 29, 2017, Timberline

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is an HVAC technology in which one outdoor unit is connected with multiple indoor units, and the flow of refrigerant is automatically shifted from one zone to another to efficiently…

Cleaning Your AC Condenser Unit — Helpful Advice on How to DIY

August 23, 2017, Timberline

You’re in luck! Not all maintenance requires the assistance of a professional HVACR company like Timberline Mechanical. There are plenty of preventative steps you can take on your own to ensure that your equipment…

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Longmont United Hospital Medical Office Building Benefits from HVACR Retrofit

August 8, 2017, Timberline

Longmont United Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital serving Boulder County, Colorado, and surrounding communities for over five decades. For the past several years, Longmont United Hospital has relied on Timberline Mechanical…

Health Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System

June 30, 2017, Timberline

With summer heating up in Colorado, people are relying on their air conditioners to stay cool. But did you know there are other benefits to central air conditioning than just maintaining a comfortable temperature…

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How Does HVAC Equipment Work Together to Heat and Cool a Home?

June 8, 2017, Timberline

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t think a lot about your heating and air conditioning. You just want to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But did you know that…

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Is It Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner?

April 24, 2017, Timberline

With summer fast approaching and temperatures begin to rise along the Colorado Front Range, homeowners will be turning on their AC units for the first time this season. If you live in a newer…

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The Best Ways to Defeat Winter Dry Air in Your Home

March 24, 2017, Timberline

Would You Like to Combat Dry Air in Your Home This Winter? Colorado, and especially the Front Range near Boulder and Denver, is already a low humidity area. But in the winter, it can…

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