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2013 Success

November 29, 2012 by John Kuepper, Member

The 2012 year is quickly coming to an end.  Most of us are diverting our attention to company holiday dinners and much deserved time off.  Along with this we need to be thinking about how we can set our companies up for great success in 2013.  This is accomplished through strategic planning sessions and investment in areas that will benefit us in the year ahead.  I often re-invest my left over capitol in areas that will pay dividends in the coming year through energy savings and work flow efficiency.  I have a customer that every year invests the remainder of his HVAC budget in implement energy savings solutions.  Year after year he has a surplus, due to the continued reduction in energy consumption.  Let me know if you would like us to take a look into your current HVAC system to recommend and execute some energy efficiency upgrades that will pay you dividends in this up coming year.  Rebates may be available for many of the upgrades.

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